We have been through economic revolutions before, but the robot revolution is different. Horses aren’t unemployed now because they got lazy as a species, they’re unemployable. There’s little work a horse can do that do to pay for its housing and hay. And many bright, perfectly capable humans will find themselves the new horse: unemployable through no fault of their own. But if you still think new jobs will save us: here is one final point to consider. The US census in 1776 tracked only a few kinds of jobs. Now there are hundreds of kinds of jobs, but the new ones are not a significant part of the labor force. Here’s the list of jobs ranked by the number of people who perform them – it’s a sobering list with the transportation industry at the top. Continuing downward, all of this work existed in some form a hundred years ago and almost all of them are targets for automation. Only when we get to number 33 on the list is there finally something new. Don’t that every barista or white collar worker need lose their job before things are a problem. The unemployment rate during the great depression was 25%. This list above is 45% of the workforce. Just what we’ve talked about today, the stuff that already works, can push us over that number pretty soon. And given that even in our modern technological wonderland new kinds of work aren’t a significant portion of the economy, this is a big problem. This video isn’t about how automation is bad — rather that automation is inevitable. It’s a tool to produce abundance for little effort. We need to start thinking now about what to do when large sections of the population are unemployable — through no fault of their own. What to do in a future where, for most jobs, humans need not apply.

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