NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at Microsoft Ignite 2023 – 20 November

“Generative AI is the single most significant platform transition in computing history.…In the last 40 years, nothing has been this big. It’s bigger than PC, it’s bigger than mobile, and it’s gonna be bigger than the internet, by far.”

I’m so happy to be here to celebrate the

amazing work of our two teams this last

12 months you when I was just listening

to you unbelievable amount of progress

for the whole computer industry frankly

in the last 12 months well our two teams

have been super busy uh Ai and

accelerated Computing is a full stack

Challenge and it’s a data center scale

Challenge from Computing to networking

from chips to apis every everything has

been transformed as a result of

generative AI now over the last 12

months we’ve been our two teams have

been accelerating everything we could

now one of the initiatives of course is

accelerated Computing offloading general

purpose Computing accelerating all the

software we can because it improves

Energy Efficiency reduces carbon

footprint reduces cost for our customers

improv their performance so on so forth

we build the world’s fastest AI super

computer together yep it usually takes a

couple of two three years to plan one

easily a year to stand one up our two

teams built two of them twins one in

your house one in my house we did it and

we stood it up in just a few months it

is now the fastest AI supercomputer in


world and it seem seemingly without

barely even trying it’s the third

fastest supercomputer on the planet it’s

really quite quite amazing uh we worked

on all kinds of computer breakthroughs

uh Computing breakthroughs confidential

Computing of course a very big deal an

invention between our two companies uh

all the way to uh deploying large

language models uh from the cloud to the

PC yeah the work that we did together so

that Windows could now be a first class

client for large language models opens

up a few hundred in viia powered PCS and

workstations around the world the

largest install base on the edge of very

powerful AI machines happens to be

Windows PCS with you know gpus from

that’s right that’s right and now with

Studio AI That’s Right unbelievable

right everybody could be a rag developer

everybody could engage large language

models now we’ve we’ve also and this is

something that that that I’m so proud of

uh we talked about a year and a half ago

and and this is such a great idea such a

great vision and you really you really

deserve so much credit for transforming

Microsoft’s uh entire culture to be so

much more collaborative and partner

oriented that nvidia’s platforms and you

invited nvidia’s ecosystem all of our

software Stacks to be hosted on Azure

today we’re announcing the two largest

software stacks of our company NVIDIA

Omniverse and in fact just now you saw

the wpp uh video uh in fact that’s

actually computer Graphics uh that

computer Graphics is running on

Omniverse and now you can connect

Omniverse to generative AI uh the second

uh and and so Omniverse is for

industrial digitalization uh today we’re

announcing that Omniverse Cloud

Omniverse which is a stack originally on

Prem on large computers now available on

Azure Cloud the second is a brand new

thing that we’re we’re announcing and

you just mentioned it we are offering an

AI Foundry Service uh generative AI has

opened up the opportunity for every

Enterprise in the world to engage uh

artificial intelligence for the very

first time it is now

useful versatile uh quite frankly easy

to use Y and companies all over the

world will use it in multiple ways but

here’s three basic ways one of course

public Cloud uh services like Chad GPT

uh second embedded into applications

like Windows uh we are uh very very

happily uh also a full sight licensed

customer of uh co-pilot yeah and so we

are going to be augmented by Microsoft

co-pilots and uh if you think that

Nvidia is moving fast now you know we we

are going to be turbocharged by co-pilot

and then third of course uh customers

want to build their own AIS their own

they want to create their own using

their own data create their own

proprietary large language models and

create their own rags and so today

leveraging what Nvidia core assets are

our AI

expertise our AI endtoend workflow

Nvidia AI Enterprise and uh our AI

factories which is now available on

Azure called djx Cloud uh we are going

to make these built on these three

pillars help customers build their own

custom large language models we are

going to do for uh people who want to

build their own proprietary large

language models uh what tsmc does for us

yeah it’s fantastic right and so we’ll

be a Foundry for a yeah know it’s just

so amazing to see I mean us partnering

on everything on the system side and

everything up up the stack on the

software side whether it’s on Omniverse

or djx cloud and this AI Foundry is

fantastic I love that metaphor of tsmc

uh for AI uh model development you know

talking about this Arc of AI Jens and of

course you’ve been you know at the core

of this um long before it became like

fashionable to talk about it you were

talking about it what’s your Arc here of

AI Innovation going

forward well generative AI is the single


significant platform transition in

Computing history you and I both been in

the computer industry a long time in the

last 40 years nothing has been this big

it’s bigger than PC it’s bigger than

mobile it’s going to be bigger than

internet and surely by far uh this is

also the largest Tam expansion of the

computer in industry in history uh

there’s a whole new type of data center

that’s now available unlike the data

centers of the past this data center is

dedicated to one job and one job only

running AI models and generating

intelligence it’s an AI Factory this AI

Factory You’re Building you know some of

the world’s most advanced you’re

building the world’s computer that

computer is now going to be augmented by

a factories all over the second Tam

expansion is uh where our industry has

focused on building tools of the past

now you have co-pilots that use the

tools so in Hardware there’s a brand new

segment AI factories in software there’s

a brand new segment co-pilots copilot

yeah these are brand new things that the

world’s never had the opportunity to

enjoy big huge Tam expansion um the

first wave is the first the the wave

that we enjoyed which is uh incredible

startups at open Ai and others uh who

create who are part of the generative AI

startups uh Cloud internet services

that’s the first wave we’re now

beginning the second wave and is really

triggered and kicked off by co-pilot

office uh or Windows 365 co-pilot

basically the Enterprise

generation the third generation the

third wave is the wave that that I think

is going to be um the largest wave of

all and the reason for that is because

the vast majority of the world’s

Industries run on it which is heavy

Industries and this is where nvidia’s

Omniverse and generative AI is going to

come together to help heavy Industries

digitalize and benefit from from

generative AI so we’re really quite

frankly barely in the middle of the

first wave starting the second wave this

is yeah this is going to be I love that

three waves and all happening somewhat

in parallel but there staging of it and

I think it Cru it compounds across all

three uh maybe we can close out Jensen

you you and I have worked together for

decades Microsoft and Nvidia have worked

together for decades you know

Partnerships are these magical things

where your Innovation our Innovation

comes together ultimately to enable uh

people in the audience so just talk

about like what do you when you think

about the Microsoft partnership what’s

your vision for it what’s your

expectations of it and just any thoughts

on that well we have a giant partnership

and many of you are are partners with

Microsoft here and and uh I think you

all you all all agree with me that uh

there’s a there’s just a a profound

transformation um in the way that

Microsoft uh works with the ecosystem in

the industry we uh we are suppliers to

you uh building the most advanced

computers together uh you’re suppliers

to us and uh and so we’re customer

partners with each other but one of the

things that I really really love is the

fact that we uh partner on advancing

fundamental computer science like

confidential Computing and generative Ai

and um all of the infrastructure that we

built together um I love that uh we’re

inventing uh uh new technologies

together but I really love that you’re

hosting our native stack y right there

in Azure and as a result we’re ecosystem

Partners Nvidia has a rich ecosystem of

developers all over the world

several million Cuda developers some

15,000 startups around the world works

on nvidia’s platform the fact that they

could now take their stack and without

modification run it perfectly on Azure U

my developers become your customers my

developers also had the benefit of

integrating with all of the Azure apis

and services and um the the Secure

Storage the confidential Computing and

so all of that richness amplifies

nvidia’s ecosystem system and so I think

this this partnership is really quite

unique I I think that there’s not not

one like it we don’t have one like it uh

we’re uh incredibly proud of the

partnership and Incredibly proud of the

work that we do together and you know so

I thank you so much Jensen I really

deeply appreciate everything that you

and your team have been doing as you

said the last 12 months have been unlike

anything I’ve seen in my professional

career and we’re obviously setting pace

and we plan to continue to do so thank

you so much for your deep partnership

thank you J