AI News: Brace Yourself for the Coming AI Storm! Matt Wolfe

Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro 1:04 More Sora Examples 1:28 Pika Lip Sync 1:48 Runway Updates 2:25 EMO – Expressive Portraits 3:54 LTX Studio 5:50 Tyler Perry Cancels Studio 6:19 Genie From DeepMind 8:25 Adobe Music Generator 9:46 Ideogram 1.0 11:14 Google Gemini Image Issues 12:03 Apple Cancels Car In Favor of AI 13:44 Microsoft Partners With Mistral 15:45 Tublr and WordPress Selling Data For AI 16:58 Google To Train on Stack Overflow 18:04 New York Times Lawsuit Update 18:41 Klarna Replaces 700 People With AI 20:09 Clear Laptop Display 21:55 Win an RTX 4080 Super 22:41 Where To Find More Tools and News

Resources From Today’s Video: Lip Sync Early Access:   / 1762507225455604165   Emote Portraits:… Tyler Perry News:   / 1   Genie AI: Genie Examples: Genuie 2-Minute Papers:    • DeepMind’s New AI Makes Games From Sc…   AI Music Tool:… Text-to-Image Advance:   / 1762881278955700270   Gemini’s Challenge:… Gemini Diversity Fix:… Apple Car Ends:… Apple’s AI Future:… Azure Mistral-Large:… Finance Copilot:… Tumblr Data Deals:… Gemini & Stack Overflow:… OpenAI vs. NYT:… Face-to-Face AI: Klarna AI Efficiency:… Robot Startup Funding:… Clear Laptop:   / 1761956991193473193