“If you look at OpenAI statements on the road to AGI they say this technology will end democracy, end capitalism and maybe kill us all. I don’t like that.”

“What do we want to build? Do we want to build AI God? Or do we want to build that AI helper, that helps us and we help it.”

“AI is an infrastructure, where it should be, and maybe it’s the rocket ship of the mind.”


“What we’re trying to protect is individual liberty freedom and agency. Education should be about enhancing the education of every child, not you know healthcare is sickcare. Our government should uplift us. But how many people believe our governments do that rather than put us down? Because they couldn’t encapsulate and cater to the brilliance of each individual. Because they didn’t have the tools until now. Which way modern man? Agency or massive control? These are the two ways. Do we control the technology or do these organizations control the technology that controls us?”

“So what I’d prefer instead is for this to be distributed like if you have data sets from Nations that are built on enhancing the capability of the nation that reflect the local cultures and you push for data transparency on models which I believe we must have, you know, especially language models, then you’re more likely to have a positive thing and again the human Collective can achieve anything from splitting the atom to go to space if we put our minds to it but we have lacked in coordination mechanisms. They’ve not been good enough. So if you create the human colossus and every single person has an AI that’s just looking out for them to enhance their potential and coordination AGIs that is a far more positive view of the future and that is the AGI that is a general intelligence that’s the hive mind general intelligence not a Borg style hive mind but one that’s really thinking again every child should achieve their potential.”

“It’s a pretty unique scenario because you’ve never seen a sector move this fast that has such wide reaching human implications and regrettably there’s too few people I think with the right alignment and approach in this area I’ve been very disappointed like usually what happens is you have power maximization equations and this is what we’re seeing from the industry consolidation how many people want to genuinely bring this technology to kids in Nigeria or to the global south or to help those leaders build their own models you know and believe all in a positive SU game that was actually my biggest surprise from the discussion Silicon Valley almost entirely they all believe in uh flat or negative sum you know zero sum or negative sum things where there has to be a winner everyone’s a winner in this and again I was just very disappointed seeing that.”

What is the right governance structure for this super powerful technology? We have representative democracy that I think can be improved by this. Like I don’t think democracy survives this technology in it’s current form. It will either improve or it will end I don’t see anything else.

“They’re building centralized single systems that again take our collective intelligence like all of YouTube In the case of OpenAI clearly and other things and they package it up sell it back to us but they don’t give they don’t care you know these organizations are trying to build a system that will take away our freedom Liberty and potentially kill us all let’s be kind of fair about that direct and sell it to us uh on an incremental basis the selling to us is a complete Canard they don’t care about the revenue of this again let’s kind call a spade a spade they are telling you that they’re building something that could kill you and something that could remove all our freedom and liberty and they’re saying it’s a good thing you should back them because it’s cool it’s not it’s actually shameful if you think about it and we should not stand for it anymore this another reason I want to step aside to see because you can’t say things like that I got canceled Sil Valley so many times but realistically it’s ridiculous and it should not be stood for but they’re going to do it anyway because they have the political power people are scared of them so there has to be an alternative and the alternative has to be distributed intelligence when I resigned I said you can’t beat centralized intelligence with centralized intelligence.”

“the only way that you can beat it to create the standard that represents humanity is decentralizing intelligence it’s collective intelligence and the data sets and Norms from that will be ones that help children that help s people suffering that reflect our moral upstanding and the best of us and gathers the best of us to do it because if you work in healthcare if you work in education if you work in finance if you work in any of these things there’s no Organization for you to come and join or partner with on this there’s no kind of centralized mission.”

“The way that the big labs are going to AGI is likely to kill us all. Elon and I signed that six-month pause letter.”